David Jablonski

TYPO Berlin 2017

One week ago, I attended TYPO Berlin for the very first time. It was very inspiring & I'd like to share some of my thoughts. Because I was too lazy to write a blog post, I made a video instead (which turned out to be the much bigger hassle). Here it is. Just a warning: this is incomplete & slightly incoherent.

A few things I forgot:
(this list will probably get longer with time)

– While the audience was pretty diverse, the speakers were mostly white men. I'd like to see more women & minorities on stage, to ensure a diverse set of opinions & perspectives.
– The most surprising & great talks for me were by Liv Siddall & Dominic Wilcox.
– I really liked Peter Bilak's talk, because he defined design very broadly, as I think one should.
– There's a great blog post by Johnson Banks with some backstage photographs.