David Jablonski is a digital communicator living and working in Vienna, Europe.

With a generalist and curious mindset, he builds websites used by millions, tells stories on screen and on stage and works on accelerating the net-zero transition.

As a member of the designaustria board and co-founder of Klimadashboard, David is advocating for and working on change across disciplines, industries and nations.


Co-Founder of Klimadashboard.at

Visualising climate data and
tracking the green transition

Data Visualisation

Filmmaker and Traveler

An interrail trip around Europe,
told in voice messages

Front-End and Back-End Developer

Digital archive for one of Austria’s most renowned concert venues

Coming soon!

Designer and Developer

Designing our way out of the pandemic with the COVID-19 vaccination dashboard

Data Visualisation

...also currently designing a stamp, making visuals for a stage show, developing a documentary film series, writing new chapters for digital journalism...


David speaking on stage.

I love leaving my home office to host workshops, give keynotes and speak on what matters to me most: the transition to a more circular, sustainable future and our role in it – as designers and citizens.