David Jablonski

Designing brands,
building websites
and telling stories
that make an impact.

Design + Code for

Austria’s role in the climate crisis

Design + Code for
Austrian Health Ministry

Designing our way out of the pandemic

Design + Code for
Fridays for Future

Web platform for climate activism

Founder + Designer
of Ecular

Digital tools for the circular economy

Filmmaker of
Out of Place

An interrail trip, told in voice messages

Tech Coordinator for
Open House Worldwide

The future of cities, on a global scale

Writing + Design for
my bachelor thesis

How design informs sustainable action

Branding + Code for
BG/BRG Klosterneuburg

A collective signature for curious humans

Light + Projection Design
for dance performance

Visuals for a magical dance piece

Cinematography and Edit
with Niki Radman

Glaswegian tale of indie bookshops

Design for change

In an increasingly noisy and complex world,
design can help us bring order to chaos and communicate what really matters.

Good design is honest, long-lasting and has the power to fade into the background, allowing the brand, product and story to take center stage.

I work with innovative brands at the nexus of
design, technology and story to create
memorable and impactful experiences.

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