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The Knowledge


TIL what an incredible training procedure taxi drivers in London have to go through. The whole process takes nearly three years, involves acquiring The Knowledge of London, which includes over 25,000 streets and the number of traffic signals on a route, and that would-be cabbies are called “knowledge boys” or “knowledge girls” who drive around on motor scooters to acquire route knowledge. Research has shown that the hippocampus, the area of the brain used for navigation and spatial memory, is generally larger in taxi drivers than the general population. This is fascinating.

It would be easy to think that all of this knowledge has been replaced by satellite navigation, but in a test by the Wall Street Journal, the black cab was faster and cheaper than its UBER competitor.

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Look Up More Often


“It's a great reminder that we should look up more often”

This is a beautiful video about the power of a telescope. When you look at the moon up close, it gives you a different perspective on Planet Earth.

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Take the power back


Oliver Reichenstein writes:

“In the cellphone of an 11-year-old, the browser is not, as you might think, “the Internet”. He doesn’t know exactly what a browser is and how to use it. Apps bring him there sometimes. To a chatting teen, the address bar is a cousin of the terminal.”

Self-publishing was once a revolutionary concept. Then Facebook, Medium and YouTube came along. Your thoughts became a commodity. Many of these ecosystems want us to think they are open, but quite the opposite is true. Suddenly, me typing this article in my FTP client and uploading it to my own web server doesn't feel so old-fashioned. Maybe it was the right thing to do all along.

“Blogging is so out of fashion that it is almost fashionable again. (...) And it’s writing as opposed to liking, thinking as opposed to reacting, owning your traffic as opposed to building up your Facebook followers that one day a Zuckerberg will take away from you when it suits his needs.”

Read “Take the power back” on ia.net →

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Inside Broadway's Secret Laboratory


Join the New York Times on a behind-the-scenes tour of the place where Broadway shows are rehearsed. Here, only an elevator ride separates the founding fathers in Hamilton from the icy world of Frozen.

Watch the video on nytimes.com →

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Catching a runaway horse


In case you were ever wondering what that would look like.

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Feel It Still


Watching music happen live (even if it's just on video) makes any song instantly better.

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The Broccoli Tree


“When you share something, you risk losing it.”

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Part human, part bird.
Also, First Aid Kit is a great music choice for this. You'd expect massive beats like in every second GoPro video, but I'm glad he went down a different route. Well, flew down.

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No Jail Time


The New York Times did an impressing Op-Doc regarding a genre of documentary filmmaking I didn't even know existed. In the US, lawyers are allowed to make films to lure judges into making their sentence a little less severe (or in some cases, a lot less severe). Documentary filmmaking entails a lot of ethical greyareas – how close to reality can a film even be?

“Dip to black, baby.”

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