David Jablonski

TYPO Berlin 2018

Interviewing the world’s leading designers

TYPO Berlin is one of Europe’s biggest design conferences, being held for the 23rd time in 2018. I was invited to join the editorial team, who is responsible for bringing the ideas and atmosphere from the conference to its massive online following, via social media and the TYPO blog. As part of a team of 30 writers, illustrators, content managers, editors, photographers, videographers, podcasters and everything in between, I contributed quotes for social media, summaries for our German and English newsletter and got to interview some of the world's most influential, forward-thinking designers on topics ranging from diversity and politics to tools and job descriptions.

To read more about TYPO 2018 in general, I wrote a blog post with some of my favourite talks and experiences.


While watching the talks, I relayed memorable quotes back to the social media team, who then shared a selection on social media. I also contributed German and English summaries of talks by dina Amin and Timothy Goodman for our daily summary newsletters, which were sent out to thousands of subscribers. In addition, I helped shape a new blog format portraying the speakers in our Talent Talks series.


For the yearly TYPO film as well as for our YouTube channel, I talked to the speakers of the conference about their talk, their work and their values. Over the course of three days, I interviewed Fidel Peugeot, Frank Rausch, Aaron James Draplin, dina Amin, Kali Nikitas and Timothy Goodman. They were all extremely generous with their time and knowledge and I'm really proud I got to speak to them. As these videos get released, I'll embed them below.

I'd like to thank Jürgen Siebert for inviting me and Sabine and Matthias for their trust and support. It was an honour to be part of such a talented team and you can find all of them below.


Sabine Gruppe (Head of Team), Matthias Kliefoth (Head of Team), Jenna Gesse (Chief Editor), Christine Wenning (Chief Editor), Jannis Riethmüller (Managing Editor), Jenny Zegenhagen (Managing Editor), Norman Posselt, Christian Wöllecke, Luise Behr, Ajda Zupančič, Catharina Dörr, David Reitenbach, Elena Kunau, Fabian Lempke, Felix von Pless, Ian Warner, Iris Ran Aegisdottir, Jan Vincent Dufke, Jacques Gollnick, Leonie Hesse, Lizzie Jones, Ludwig Pfeiffer, Lukas Horn, Maciej Nadobnik, Michael Kress, Michael Pieracci, Nora Tanner, Paul Troppmair, Radek Sidun, Verena Thaller, Sven Paetsch

Photographs by Iris Ran Aegisdottir, Sebastian Weiß, Gerhard Kassner, Nikolaus Netzer and the film crew. Thanks!

Client: TYPO Talks

Year: 2018

Tags: Film  Social media  Content strategy  Writing