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Die Presse

A high-quality news experience, the digital way

300.000+ readers trust Die Presse to provide high-quality journalism, in their daily print issues and online. As part of the design team at edenspiekermann_, I shaped the new digital home for this leading Austrian media brand. This project covers brand strategy & development as well as digital UI & UX design.

The main goal was to develop a design language that was both modern and flexible, but also true to its 170-year-long heritage.
We solved this by combining typographic elements from the print newspaper with a refreshed colour palette and modern digital layout principles.

Workshops with the team and close collaboration informed the design process. Employing agile techniques, we could respond to technological and editorial requirements and create a news experience that’s engaging for readers and journalists alike.

Starting with the core reading experience, we designed responsive templates for different page types as well as usage moments, resulting in an interface that can change in character as news stories develop and consumption habits evolve throughout the week.

Created with Martina Dellepiane, Peter Rudolph and Sebastian Brandt during my design internship at edenspiekermann_ Berlin.

diepresse.com // edenspiekermann.com

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Die Presse

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