David Jablonski


These are things I made together with the people & organisations around me – clients, school, life.


There are some things I can do and others I can’t. But I’m always eager to learn new things & take on new challenges. At the most basic level, solving problems is what I do for a living – whatever form the solution or process might take.

I aim for long-term relationships with my clients during which I get to know their brand inside and out & work across multiple disciplines to communicate what they do & why they do it. I work at the intersection of design & technology, offering both traditional graphic design services as well as design for digital media and web development. I also offer brand strategy services & I’m experimenting in the space of cinematography, video editing & photography.


I want to deliver personalized experiences tailored to the needs of my clients. To arrive at a solution which everyone is happy with, I have some values & rules that I work by.

These principles are constantly evolving and will be adapted to suit the client. But agreeing on certain things facilitates and simplifies the design process – for all parties.

On timeframes, research & partnerships
Good things take time. My process involves a lot of research, getting to know my clients and the problems we're trying to solve. I try to be agile in everything I do – it does not make sense to define exactly what the finished product will look like before agreeing on the nature of the problem at hand. My process is based on clear & honest communication. I’m not a supplier – I'm aiming for long-term creative partnerships with my clients. These partnerships thrive on feedback & trust. And clear rules. And yes, good things take time. But doing it right once is quicker than doing it wrong three times over.

A good solution is one which everyone is happy with – and arriving at such a solution is my main goal.

On payment & drafts
As Paul Rand said, “I will solve your problem and you will pay me.”. I don’t work for free & I don’t show multiple drafts. Good design isn’t cheap, cheap design isn’t good. Making drafts is already part of the design process & requires conducting research – I don't do spec work without payment. One does not go to a restaurant & ask for a spec meal. The same is true for design. What I do do for free are kick-off meetings and a creative debriefing. After agreeing on the goal of the project, my clients receive a detailed design proposal outlining what I will do & how much that will cost.

I show one draft to a client’s problem and not multiple ones. Showing multiple ones is an excuse to show mediocre work and as such, I only show the one solution that I believe is the right answer to the problem at hand.

On responsibility
As a designer, I’m responsible for the work I put into the world. I’m responsible for communicating clearly and honestly with both my clients & the customers of my clients. To do that, I have to get to know my clients, ask questions before I provide answers & research the field that they work in. I have to make sure all stakeholders are happy with my solution. The clients are responsible for setting clear goals and giving honest & constructive feedback. I aim to create things that are innovative, easy-to-use, unobtrusive, long-lasting & thorough down to the last detail.

I need to share my clients values to communicate them. This is why I aim to work with clients that value diversity, embrace change & try to leave the world better than they found it.


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