Building Bridges


Film für ein Kunstprojekt, das Menschen und Kulturen verbindet

"Building Bridges" is a project founded by Gerda Reissner with the aim of bringing people from all walks of life together to work against discrimination and promote positive human development and brotherhood.

It utilizes art to break down barriers and is supported by volunteers in many different areas.

I've had the great fortune to be able to accompany this project with my camera. This film shows a three-part workshop at Essl Museum in Klosterneuburg with humans from 12 different countries participating.

You can learn more about this project, take a look at photos from the workshop and get to know the people behind "Building Bridges" here.


Idea and Project Lead: Gerda Reissner
Choreography: Tony Lardge
Photography: Sabine Gösker

Cinematography & Edit: David Jablonski

Music: "Island Arc (Extended)" by Marmoset Music

Credit for the first photo (and thumbnail): Sabine Gösker