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A few weeks ago, very late at night, I made a list of things I'm bad at. It was inspired by a university assignment which asked us to think about ways to change the world. I believe the only real way to change the things around you is to change yourself first. And being mindful of your strengths and weaknesses is an important first step. The assignment ultimately resulted in Things to Keep in Mind, which is a collection of, well, things to keep in mind. It's mainly for myself, but others might find it helpful as well.

In any case, I just rediscovered the list of things I'm bad at and decided to publish it, because 1. fuck it and 2. honesty is almost always a good idea. Some of these are embarrassing, some of them might be relatable, but all of them are a part of me. I also have a list of things I'm good at, which I will publish as well.

37 Things I'm Bad At
A non-complete list
– cooking
– dancing in front of other people
– focussing on one thing for longer than an hour
– writing texts
– writing e-mails
– small talk
– keeping my portfolio up to date
– parties
– feeling emotions
– sitting in a classroom
– playing the piano
– playing the violin
– playing any musical instrument
– holding eye contact
– going for hikes
– studying
– telling people how much they mean to me
– deciding on Instagram hashtags
– living without my smartphone
– living without my computer
– leaving my room
– showing emotions
– remembering what day of the week it is
– remembering names
– remembering faces
– remembering the past
– thinking about the future
– living in the moment
– buying or making presents
– wrapping presents
– choosing music to listen to
– swimming
– taking breaks
– handing over responsibility
– trusting other people
– trusting myself

Writing things down makes me more aware of them – which is a good thing when it comes to weaknesses, I think. I invite you to make your own list – if you do so, tell me and if you'd like it to be public, I'll link to it here. But don't forget to make a list of things you're good at as well. That list is even more important.

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