David Jablonski

Making A Plan

Together with some fellow students, I'm shooting a documentary. At the heart, this is something that I enjoy. I enjoy working with the medium of film; I enjoy the technicalities, I enjoy the storytelling. But that's not enough to make a documentary.
To make a good documentary, you need to tell a story. And telling a story involves making a plan – a storyboard, a script, or just a concept that everyone on the team can identify with. This whole process has reminded me of what someone once told me about making a plan.
Waiting for inspiration to strike is not a plan. As is discovering your talent by accident. Or waiting until someone tells you what to do. That's just hope.
Making a plan involves steps that you have control over, things you can do in order to reach a certain goal. It's the act of holding yourself accountable for what you do or don't do. Which is why it's so hard and painful to make a plan and following through with it.
Currently, we don't have a plan. We just hope that we'll be able to make a film from the things we've shot so far. I'm not sure whether that's going to happen.