David Jablonski

7 Places in Lisbon for Creative People

Travelling is one of the best ways to keep your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re a photographer, designer, artist or anything in between, Lisbon has some beautiful spots you don’t want to miss.

(I’ve layed them out as a day plan, but feel free to visit them in any order you’d like.)

1. Hello, Kristof

Start your day with a coffee at Hello, Kristof – a cute little coffee shop that has some inspiring indie magazines on display. Lisbon doesn’t just have one city centre – and if you’re looking for arts & design without all the tourists, you’ve come to the right area. For the authentic Lisbon experience, take the vintage yellow tram to get there (look out for line 28 going to Santa Catarina and get off at the last stop).

Rua do Poço dos Negros 103
Lisboa, Portugal

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

2. Artes & Letras

Just a quick walk away is Artes & Letras, a beautiful letterpress workshop with unique prints (great place to buy an unusual postcard!). Admire the machinery and chat with the young woman who runs the shop and creates the artworks together with her friends.

Rua dos Poiais de São Bento, 90.
1200-349. Lisboa

And just on the opposite side of the street, make sure to check out APAIXONARTE, which features ever-changing art exhibitions and sells posters and other fun gifts.

3. Comunication Museum

If you’re into technology and interested in seeing how communication has evolved over time, take a nice and easy 10 minute walk down towards the river (with some awesome street art and vintage signs along the way) and check out the comunication museum, which features a permanent exhibition around communication technologies and the Portuguese postal service as well as temporary exhibitions. It’s likely you’ll be the only one there (and depending on the mood of the receptionist, you might not even have to pay 2,50€ for the ticket). But don’t be mistaken – the exhibitions are insightful and well-made, absolutely worth a visit for anyone interested in the evolution of the tools we use to communicate with one another.

R. Do Instituto Industrial 16, 1200-109 Lisboa

Open Monday through Saturday

4. LxFactory

This former industrial complex houses a wide array of arty retailers and unique restaurants. LxFactory is located below Ponte de 25 abril and a fantastic spot for some lunch and shopping. Buy some books at Ler Devagar and eat some delicious cake at Landeau Chocolate.


For the afternoon, take the tram or the bus out to Belém, where you’ll find many beautiful sights and museums. One prime spot for architecure lovers is the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, which houses thought-provoking exhibitions in a gorgeous space right next to the river Tejo. Head up to the roof (free access) for some great Instagram shots in front of the river and the bridge.

6. Museu Coleção Berardo

This museum houses a permanent contemporary art collection as well as temporary exhibitions. It is one of the best ways of learning about art of the 20th and 21st century, covering a large variety of genres, cultures and artists.

7. Nossa Senhora do Monte

And for the best sunset views, head up to Nossa Senhora (don’t forget to check out the incredible street art piece on the way there) and admire Lisbon from above. It’s one of the best viewpoints but usually not too busy.

“Blue Man” Street Art
R. Damasceno Monteiro 21A, 1170-252 Lisboa

I hope you enjoy your stay in this diverse, beautiful city. Follow me on Instagram for more creative travel content.